The steering of the company started on October 2017 by registering a small firm and the founders and CEOs of the company were Suren Bhai and Jyot Prakash Krantiveer Bhai, and under the guidance of the company, the company was gradually given momentum as the company Started to win the trust of customers, as the number of customers increased and what was it then? The number of staff in the office increased and today with SwadeshiRaj has more than 2 lakh customers and up to 72% of regular customers are monthly purchases, this company increased its number of customers through whatsapp and facebook.


Due to the start-up of the company, a lot of struggling days were spent in the starting, but when it is said that if you work with courage and dedication, then nothing is difficult and in this race of 2018, the company took care of its shipping and customer needs. Keeping more than 10,000 sellers connected with India, we have brought the same supplier who has contact with the indigenous companies, in which we thought to increase the growth of the seller. Land is working on the same.


In the journey of 2019, the company took very unique steps in its service which were very necessary, hence the company took very bold steps on cash on delivery, in which the customers appreciated this service and took feedback from time to time and the customers Made a lot of changes according to the needs and in which the payment options with this very courier partner were very good and the organization's morale was increased by the customers, in which 2019 90% of Ord agree with our services and we will continue to try