Bhumi Amla

Bhui Amla is astringent and sweet in taste. In the problem of excessive thirst, cough, itching, phlegm and fever, etc. the benefits of Bhoomi Amla are available, as well as Bhui Amla is also considered a divine medicine for any type of liver disease. If you apply this paste on the wound, it also cures the wound. It is also useful in leprosy. Let us know what diseases can benefit from the medicinal properties of Bhumi Amla.

Bhui Amla is very beneficial in respiratory diseases. Grind 10 grams root of ground ground in water. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar or honey to it. Drinking this and giving it through the nose is beneficial in respiratory diseases.

Heat 50 grams almanac of Bhui Amla in half a liter of water. When one quarter is left, giving one spoon of this decoction twice a day provides relief in respiratory diseases.