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* In different states of India, Giloy is known by different names such as Amruta, Guduchi, Chakrangi, Gulchana, Guruch, Garo, Gurjo, Gulchi etc. But most people in North India know it by name as Giloy.

* Daily use of Gilloy comes on the face faster and does not cause wrinkles.

* Giloy Tridoshghna means people of any nature can take it.

* Geiloi is helpful in repairing the digestive system and its end-to-end problems are overcome.

* Geiloi is also beneficial in arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties.

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Blood cleansers

Anti bacterial

Anti viral

Fever reductionists



Digestive ones

Mental stress and anxiety remedies

Hunger-raising qualities

sugar reductionists

Anti inflammatory


Stomach worms


Immune system good qualities


anti tumor

Fever removal

Apart from stomach aches and other stomach-related properties, many other qualities are found in Giloy.