The foundation of this organization is the name of a brother named Suren who has been kept by two youths from Sirsa district of Haryana State, originally from Rajasthan's Hanumangarh district of Mehrwala village, and the other brother is Jyot Prakash Krantiveer, who is his native place of residence. In the village of Singhpur village of Kanpur Nagar of the state, both of these brothers went online and both of them exchanged their views regarding the country. So for the social support, these two brothers decided that if India was born in the land of India, then for the mother to do something for the mother, they would go to the village village to get involved with the indigenous thinking stream, As a organization, the Swadeshi Swabhiman Trust was registered on June 12, 2015, and it only used to do social work, but when it was seen that the society was given a hands-on job Keeping in view the fact that the country's economic system seems to be getting cremated daily, the indigenous rule has been established on October 2, 2016. The main stream of the institution is that through the medium of market place To keep the Indian vendors connected to the Indian customers and to get their customers easily to their liking as large quantities in the market today It has become a competition in which it became difficult to get the attention of purity, so that the founder and manager of the organization opened the door to openly oppose it, and kept the attention of the vendors and customers openly enjoying the Indian product. Along with this, special attention is being paid to the Indian herbalists, personal care, beauty care, healthcare, electronic, and so on. There will be an opportunity to sell all kinds of clothes with cottage, hand made pottery, native grains, wooden materials, especially drug and legal illegal items are not allowed in this market place. Place administers the online portal by following specific lawsuits. Our goal will be to ensure that more and more quantities are available to all in the workplace. This is our basic objective of strengthening the Indian economy.


As an Indian, I love my motherland and have a golden dream for my

country. My aim is to fulfil this dream and make India the ideal country in the

world to live in. My dream is to make India the happiest, richest and

healthiest country, something like the goose that laid golden eggs. I would

love to see my country progress in all fields, including science, technology,

medicine, health, education and justice.

I would love to see people think about the overall betterment of the society,

so that welfare of the nation is the topmost priority.

India has been a land of diverse cultures, and it would be a great

opportunity to showcase these cultures to the world. Setting up of cultural

centres in every city, town and village and enabling them to become

self-sustained tourist centres will ensure that the benefits of development

reaches to all levels of the society.




India has become a leader in the field of technology, and the largest

number of engineering students graduate from India. A focus on education will

ensure that the engineers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, chartered accounts,

artisans and many other skilled persons get the job they require. I would love

to see Indian perform well in the international sports arena, with world class

sports training facilities spread across the country.

An Ideal India must have the strong defence force in the world, with the

army, navy and air force possessing the most sophisticated equipment to

safeguard such a peace-loving nation. Friendly relationships with its

neighbours will ensure that India becomes the jewel in the crown.

We have been a country united in diversity, and I believe that this is

the most unique feature of our country. I wish that all politicians start

focusing on the country’s development rather than use politics to divide and

rule the country.

I am already seeing the seeds of change being sowed and it is only a

matter of time before I will realize this dream of mine, to see India as the

most Ideal Nation to live in the world.

Jyot Prakash Krantiveer