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India, which provides knowledge of health, Ayurveda and medicine to the whole world but today, Western medicine is dominated by allopathy, from full treatment to "First-AID". While we have knowledge of hundreds of life-giving medicines, Gomata and Ayurveda, it is a matter of shame to remain dependent on allopathy even after so many years of independence.

Suffering from these pangs, a team of Gavyasidh have decided to create a Panchgavya-Ayurveda based First-Aid kit with completely natural, safe and fast effect, And after 5 years of continuous effort, successful experimentation on thousands of patients created the country's first First-Aid Kit "Prathma".

Pure Desi Gaumata of Indian breed, who graze in the Forest, and give pure and 100% natural Gavya (Urine, Milk, Ghee, Dung and Curd).

List of Medicine in Kit

Nasya-Amritam (Nosal Drop)- Chronic Migraine, Headache, Hair Fall, Snoring, Sinus
Dhara-Amritam (Amrit Dhara) - Cholera, Food Poisoning, Vomiting, Acidity
Karna-Amritam (Ear Drop) - Ear Pain, Ear Flowing,
Nayanam-amritam (Eye Drop) - Swelling of the eyes, White cataract, Allergies, Eye stickiness
Malham-Amritam (Gavya Turmeric Ointment) – Injury, scratch, itching, bleeding out
Ark-Amritam (Tulsi Gomutra Ark) – Viral Fever, Cough, Cold, Allergies,
Telam-Amritam ( Pain Relief Oil) – Knee Pain, Joint Pain, Calf pain, Swelling
Fuhar-Amritam ( Neem Gomutra Spray)- Injury, scratch, itching, Spider bite, Sanitizer

Key Features
  • India or the world's first First-Aid KIT is also named Prathma. That is, the collection of medicines to be used first for any small or big physical ailment. The basis of this Kit is Panchagavya of Pure Desi Gaumata of Indian breed (Gomay, Cow urine, Milk, Curd, and Ghee) and Ayurveda.
  • Initial treatment can be done from the first major pain in any part of the body, or minor pain to viral fever, abdominal pain, headache, itching, bleeding anywhere in the body and injury.
  • Prathma Kit is packed in a convenient small cloth cushion kit. Keep it with you everywhere at home, in travel or in your car etc. Initially, natural treatment can be avoided by taking the wrong treatment due to nervousness on the unavailability of physicians in small and big problems.
  • Also, Use As Emergency Tool Box During Auto Or Vehicle Breakdowns, Or For Your Household, Home Repair and store the medicine.

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