Sugar Free Vedic Chawanprash

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Gau Amritam presents Vedic Chavayamprash made of 42 highly specialized Herbal medicines. Vedic Chavayamprash made of Vedic Mathni Ghrit is a very beneficial medicine for the patients of pitta and vata. Due to the sweetness of pure khand, the sugarcane obtained from indigenous cow dung cow urine-based farming without any chemical, it is completely safe for diabetic patients.

Aluminium utensils are not used while making the Vedic Chawanprash

Special care has been taken for the quality of herbal medicines for making Vedic Chawanprash.

Patla Bark, Arni, Gambhari, Bell, Shionak, Gokharu, Shalparni, Priestparni, Chhoti Kateli, Peepal, Kakra Singi, Munkka, Giloy, Chhoti Harad, Kharoti, Bhumi Amla, Adusa, Jeevanti, Kapoor, Nagarmotha, Pushkar Mool, Crow Chin , Moogparni, Maash Parni, Bidhari Kand, Punarnava, Kamal Gatta, Agar, White Sandalwood, Riddhi, Siddhi, Medha, Maha Medha, Jeevak, Rishabhak, Kakoli, Shirakkoli,Vashlochan, Cinnamon, Small Cardamom, White Musli, Asparagus, Snake Saffron, Bay LeavesDesi Cow Pure Bilona Ghrita, Organic Khand, Desi Amla, Desi Honey

How to Use:
One-two tablespoons to be taken with warm milk or water, twice a day.

Key Features
  • Helps in strengthening the immune system
  • Helps in fighting day to day Cough & Cold
  • Aluminum utensils are not used while making the Vedic Chawanprash
  • It provides required nutrients and minerals for health care.
  • Vedic Chawanprash is an ancient herbal recipe which helps in building overall immunity, improving metabolism and balancing all the doshas.

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