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Coconut Oil

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We offer Coconut Oilwhich is extracted from the kernel of ripe coconuts cropped from the coconut tree by cold . Having umpteen applications, this nourishing oil has been utilized for centuries in hair. Widely known for its unique fat composition, it is advantageous for all hair types. The oil is highly stable and doesn’t break down in high temperatures as some other oils. The best thing of Coconut Oil is that it doesn't rancid easily and comes with impressive nutritional properties.

Special Has high levels of saturated fat.
Slow to oxidize, immune to rancidification.
Incorporates an ample proportion of lauric acid, which is a saturated fat.
Contains monounsaturated as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Use Used for hair care as hot oil treatment, hair mask, or in homemade hair products.
Also applicative as a carrier oil for perfumes and fragrances.
Used for home cooking, commercialized food processing.
Highly utilized for industrial, cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes.
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