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Cow Ghee

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This ghee is completely pure.

Handmade Ghee is prepared.

Rathi of Rajasthan is prepared from cow's milk which is very tasty.

Every family is in demand to get the ghee prepared by the ancient method, so our goal is to make the Indian breed product available to you at affordable prices.

This cow's ghee is the choice of every mother because she always cares for her family to avoid diseases.


It is completely pure and is made of A2 milk which does not have any preservatives in it.

How to use daily

Taking 1-1 teaspoon of vegetables in food in the morning and evening makes your body healthy and beautiful and makes your body fit.

Making process

This ghee is prepared in an earthen pot, whose goal is to make sure that the ancient method of survival is alive. This ghee is made from butter milk, which is very beneficial for our health.

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